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Call for Submissions: The Medieval Globe
Announcing The Medieval Globe. Connectivity~Communication~Exchange, a  new biannual academic journal. The Medieval Globe (TMG) is a peer-reviewed journal to be lau... [read more...]

In Memoriam: Olivia Remie Constable
It is with great sadness we inform our members of the death of Olivia Remie Constable, historian, colleague, mentor, collaborator, and friend, who succumbed to illness today, April 1... [read more...]

Book Announcement: Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, ca. 1050-1613
Cambridge University Press (UK) has just released Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, ca. 1050-1614, by Brian A. Catlos — the first monographic study of the Muslim minority comm... [read more...]

Mediterranean Bibliography Project

The Mediterranean Seminar is undertaking to compile an on-going list of Seminar Associates’ publications relevant to the Mediterranean.
This will take the form of a mont... [read more...]

To Attend: Debating Conversion in Different Historical Contexts (16-29 May, Beersheva, Israel)
The Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters at Ben Gurion University of the Negev In cooperation with The Israeli Centers of Research Excellence & Israe... [read more...]

Call for Papers: Mediterranean Urban Studies (23-25 October, Mersin, Turkey)
The Center for Mediterranean Urban Studies at Mersin University announces, a Colloquium on Mediterranean Urban Studies. This intends to  discuss the transformation of the Medite... [read more...]

A Summer School/Symposium “Beyond appearances. Information, communication, espionage (16th-17th centuries)” organized by CEDCS (Centro Europeo para la Difusión de las Ciencias S... [read more...]

To Attend: Taller de escritura aljamiado morisca (16 April, UCLA)

To Attend: “The Mediterranean City and Its Rulers” (26-27 April, Princeton)
The Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies presents "The Mediterranean City and Its Rulers: A Comparison of Byzantium, Islam, and Western Christendom in the High ... [read more...]

To Attend: Anti-Judaism and Its Implications: A Symposium (27 April, Colby College)
In Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition (Norton, 2013), David Nirenberg  seeks "to demonstrate how different people put old ideas about Judaism to new kinds of work in thinking a... [read more...]

CFP: Mediterranean Visions/ Mediterranean Frame (13-15 June, Sorrento, Italy)
On 13-15 June 2014, the Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento will host two events: a conference "Mediterranean Visions: Journeys, Itineraries and Cultural Migrations/ Visioni Mediterranee... [read more...]

To Attend: Mediterranean Connectivities/Power Relations & Religious Communities (2–3 May, Los Angeles)
With the collaboration and support of the Spain-North Africa Project (SNAP), and Loyola Marymount University, the Mediterranean Semin... [read more...]

To Attend: The Healing Arts Across the Mediterranean (28 March, Rutgers University)
The Healing Arts Across The Mediterranean: Communities, Knowledge And Practices, a conference sponsored by SAS, the Program in Medieval Studies, the Program in Early M... [read more...]

To Attend: “Goitein in Perspective” (31 March, Brandeis University)
The Tauber Institute presents: “Goitein in Perspective,” an International Symposium, March 31, 2014 – April 1, 2014 at Brandeis University in the Mandel Center for the Humaniti... [read more...]

Teaching Aid: Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean
The Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies, with a grant from the British Council’s and Social Science Research Council’s “Our Shared Past” initiative, has developed ... [read more...]

Call for Participants: The Straits – Inquiries into a Crossroad (Istanbul, 1-7 November 2014)
The Turkish Straits between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea are often described as a symbolic dividing line between Europe and Asia, but historically their function has been unit... [read more...]

Wiley Companion to the Mediterranean - Electronic Access
Wiley-Blackwell is offering unlimited concurrent electronic access to Peregrine Horden and Sharon Kinoshita’s A Companion to Mediterranean History for those institutions tha... [read more...]

Free Journal Access: International Journal of Maritime History
The International Journal of Maritime History is offering free access for 3 months. To view and search all 26 volumes (1989-2014) of  the jounral, go go to http://ijh.sagepub.... [read more...]

New Publication: A Companion to Mediterranean History
Peregrine Horden and Sharon Kinoshita’s A Companion to Mediterranean History has now been released by Wiley-Blackwell. These twenty-nine essays by leadings scholars of the Mediterr... [read more...]

Call for Participants: Sociability and Materiality/ Digital Mediterranean (May 26 – June 3, 2014; Toronto)
Announcing: Roots and Routes: Digital Scholarship and the Premodern Mediterranean - A Connaught Summer Institute at the University of Toronto Scarborough: Roots and Routes III: Socia... [read more...]

Postdoc: History of the Western Mediterranean, 300-1650CE (2014-15, Bates College)
The Department of History, Bates College, in Lewiston, Maine, invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellow, with a particular emphasis on pedagogical innovation. The fello... [read more...]

To Apply: History (TT) - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
The Department of General History, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, invites applications for a tenure-track positio... [read more...]

CFP: Mediterranean Connectivities: Mediterranean Seminar Spring Workshop (3 May, Los Angeles)
Proposals are being accepted for the Mediterranean Seminar/ UC MRP Spring Workshop “Mediterranean Connectivities,” co-sponsored ... [read more...]

To Attend: CU Mediterranean Studies Group Spring 2014 Program
The CU Mediterranean Studies Group Presents

Ongoing • Norlin Library 1st floor SW Stoa Gallery
Student Project: “Mediterranean Timelines”
History 4320: Med... [read more...]

Phd Fellowships & Postdocs in Medieval Literature (Southern Denmark; 2014-15)
The Centre for Medieval Literature (CML) at the Department of History invites applications for two PhD-fellowships of 3 years in Medieval literature. The positions are availab... [read more...]

To Attend: Minorities in the Mediterranean: Workshop and Symposium (7 & 8 March, San Francisco)
The Mediterranean Seminar/University of California Multi-Campus Research Project and the departments of Comparative and World Literature, H... [read more...]

CFP: Muslim Subjects and Clients (MESA, 22-25 November 2014, Washington)
The Mediterranean Seminar is seeking proposal for two proposed panels, on "Muslim Subjects and Clients in the Pre-Modern Christian Mediterranean,” organized by Abigail Balbale [Bar... [read more...]

CFP: Culture, Power and Identity in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean (AHA, 2-5 January 2015, NYC)
The Mediterranean Seminar is seeking proposals for panels on "Culture, Power and Identity in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean,”... [read more...]

Postdoc: Arab-European Relations (Warburg Inst., 31 Jan deadline)
The publishing house Brill (Leiden) is sponsoring an annual research Fellowship at the Warburg Institute’s Centre for the History of Arabic Studies in Europe. The Fellowship has be... [read more...]

Postdocs: Hebrew and Arabic Literature (Lorraine; deadline June 1)
The Maison des Science de l’Homme Lorraine is offering 6 month post-doctoral contracts in Medieval Hebrew and Medieval Arabic Literature at €2400 per month.

Deadline f... [read more...]

CU Mediterranean Studies Group


Brian A. Catlos
(Religious Studies)
Claire Farago (Art & Art History)

Organizational and Advisory Board
Michela Ardizzoni (French & Italian)
Céline Dauverd (History)
Noel Lenski (Classics)
Sharon Kinoshita (Literature, University of California Santa Cruz)

Current Program

Local Sponsors




The CU Mediterranean Studies Group is open to interested faculty and graduate students from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences programs at CU Boulder and neighboring institutions. Its aim is to develop Mediterranean Studies at CU Boulder and promote interdisciplinary collaboration and discussion among the broadest possible spectrum, with a view to encouraging research and teaching in the emerging field of Mediterranean Studies. We seek to explore categories of historical and cultural analysis that present alternatives to established national, “civilizational” and continental paradigms and emphasize conflict, exchange and interaction among diverse ethnic, religious and cultural collectives as a force behind innovation and historical development in a wide range of human endeavors. Through the Mediterranean, we seek to interrogate, assess and revise established heuristic categories and the teleological narratives that have emerged out of post-Enlightenment northern European scholarship and that have exercised an effective monopoly on our conception of Modernity and its emergence, and on the nature of cultural identity in general. Our focus is centered on but not limited to the Mediterranean region; scholars working on comparable problems in other regions and other aspects of “Oceanic Studies” are most welcome.

The group focuses particularly on questions relating to ethno-religious and ethno-culture identity and its construction, inter-communal relations, cross-cultural exchange, innovation and artistic production, movement and migration, the development and expression of hegemonic power and of empire, the role of economics and commerce in these processes. Although the period from late Antiquity to the Early Modern is emphasized, we engage with these themes through the whole of Mediterranean history, from the Neolithic to the Present.

The CU Mediterranean Studies Group collaborates with the University of California Mediterranean Studies Research Project through the Mediterranean Seminar (

We are welcome proposals and suggestions from CU faculty and graduate students for reading group sessions, seminars or works-in-progress workshops both for the present academic year and future.



Program 2013-14: Religion

New Mediterranean Courses

HIST 4320: Mediterranean History 800–1500 (Dauverd)
HUMN 3850: The Mediterranean: Religion before Modernity (Catlos)
ITAL 4170/JOUR 4871 Documentary for Social Change in the Mediterranean (Ardizzoni)

RLST 4820/5820: Religious Minorities in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean (Catlos)


  Ongoing through Spring semester: "Mediterranean Timelines" Student Project for History 4320: Mediterranean History 800–1500 (Instructor: Prof. Celine Dauverd) • Norlin Library 1st floor SW Stoa Gallery
Thursday, 24 April: "On medieval Spanish consensual communities: towns, Jewish and Muslim Quarters, Guilds, Irrigation Communities, and What They Have in Common" • A lecture for HUMN3850 The Mediterranean: Religion Before Modernity, open to students & faculty • Thomas F. Glick • 11–12:30pm • ATLAS 229
Followed by a lunch for graduate students; register by April 16 with Aaron Stamper (
Wednesday, 23 April: "The Medieval Scientific Translation Movement and the Birth of Hebrew Science" • Thomas F. Glick [in collaboration with the CU Translation Initiative] • 12–1:30pm • UMC Gallery
Tuesday, 22 April: "Origins of the Medieval Spanish Jewish Community: Diaspora Remnants or Berber Tribesmen?" • Thomas F. Glick (History, Boston University) [in collaboration with the Jewish Studies Program] • 6–7:30pm • Atlas 229
Saturday, 22 February: "Teaching across Canons: the Mediterranean and other Comparative Frames"
A one-day symposium, featuring:
Michela Ardizzoni • French and Italian, CU Boulder
Thomas E. Burman • History, University of Tennessee
Brian Catlos • Religious Studies, CU Boulder
James Cordova • Art and Art History, CU Boulder
Celine Dauverd • History, CU Boulder
Claire Farago • Art and Art History, CU Boulder
Valerio Ferme • French and Italian, CU Boulder
Cynthia Hahn • Art and Art History, Graduate Center, CUNY
Sharon Kinoshita • Literature, UC Santa Cruz
Noel Lenski • Classics, CU Boulder
Mark Meyerson • History, University of Toronto
 9am–1pm • University Club 106
Please register in advance with Aaron Stamper (
Thursday, 20 February: "Holy Week Violence in Valencia: Interpreting Christian-Jewish Relations in Late Medieval Spain" A lecture for HUMN3850 The Mediterranean: Religion Before Modernity, open to students & faculty • Mark Meyerson (History/Medieval Studies, University of Toronto) •  11am–12:30pm • UMC 247
Followed by a lunch for graduate students; register by February 13 with Aaron Stamper (
Tuesday, 18 February: "Medieval Christians Reading the Qur'an" • A lecture for HUMN3850 The Mediterranean: Religion Before Modernity, open to students & faculty • Thomas E. Burman (History, University of Tennessee – Knoxville) [in collaboration with the CU Translation Initiative] • 11am–12:30pm • UMC 247
Followed by a lunch for graduate students; register by February 11 with Aaron Stamper (
Wednesday, December 4: Celine Dauverd (History, CU Boulder) "Enemies of the Faith? Jews, Lutherans and Muslims in Spanish Genoa (1492--1648)" • Respondents: Brian Catlos (RLST), Liora Halperin (HIST), David Shneer (JWST) • 12:30pm, University Club 106• bag lunch provided for those who register by November 25

Wednesday, October 30: Valerio Ferme (French and Italian, CU Boulder) Boccaccio's Sicurano Da Finale and Paganino Da Mare: Merchants, Corsairs And Seafaring Identities In Decameron, Day II • noon, UMC 353 • bag lunch provided for those who register by October 18

Affiliated and Co-Sponsored Events

Thursday, Februayr 13: 18 Ius Soli – Documentary Film: featuring a screening and a Q&A with director Fred Kuwornu For ITAL4170/JOUR4871 Documentary for Social Change in the Mediterranean [in collaboration with French & Italian] open to students, faculty & the public • 5pm • HUMN 1B90

  Friday, February 21: [co-sponsored] Cultural Issues in Translation (Medieval and Early Modern) [Organized by the CU Translation Initiative]
"Traduttore, Traditore: Translating Marco Polo's Description of the World (aka The Travels)" • Sharon Kinoshita (Literature, University of California Santa Cruz)
"Qur'anic Commentaries, Medieval-Latin Qur'ans, and Modern Translation Studies" • Thomas E. Burman
"Science and the Vernacular in Early Modern Spain." John Slater (Spanish and Portuguese, University of California Davis) • 2–4pm • University Club 106
To receive pre-circulated readings contact Harrison Meadows (

Thursday, April 18: Christian Identity in Late Antiquity ,
CMEMS Symposium
[see for details]
Jason Beduhn (Comparative Cultural Studies, Northern Arizona University) Éric Rebillard (Classics, Cornell University)
Kevin Uhalde (History, Ohio University)
9am to 12 noon • UMC 382-386

Art History Art/Reigion/Materialities Lecture Series

Thursday, February 20: "Capturing Fragments of the Divine: Histories of the Passion Relic" • Cynthia Hahn (Art History, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center) • 5pm • British Studies Room Norlin Library, 5th floor

Tues., March 4: "Transcending Boundaries: Art and Religious Experience in El Greco's Mediterranean Journey" • Maria Evangelatou (University of California Santa Cruz) • 5pm, British Studies Room Norlin Library, 5th floor

Tues., April 4: "The Matter of Miracles: Architecture and the Sacred in Baroque Italy" • Helen Hills (History of Art, York University, U.K.) • 5pm, British Studies Room Norlin Library, 5th floor

*For the full program see the Department of Art and Art History


What is a Slave Society?
An International Conference on the Nature of Slavery as a Global Phenomenon
Friday and Saturday, September 27 & 28

Beginning at 9:15AM, Friday and 10AM Saturday
All Sessions In The British Studies Room, Norlin Library, Fifth Floor, West Side

For a complete program, see the website.


Program 2012-13

Our theme for the present academic year is "Slavery and Human Trafficking."

Nicholas Purcell (Camden Professor of Ancient History and a Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford)

Tuesday, April 16 "Not Just About Slavery: Selling People in Greco-Roman Antiquity" • 5pm, Norlin British Studies

Wednesday, April 17: "Valuing People: Humans as Commodities in the Ancient World" • a guided seminar 11 am -1 pm, Macky 202

Friday, April 12: Konstantinos Ioannidis (Department of Theory and History of Art Athens School of Fine Arts), "Backwards Looking Modernism: Art in Greece during the 1930s" • 5pm HUMN 150

Wednesday, April 10: Konstantinos Ioannidis (Department of Theory and History of Art Athens School of Fine Arts ). "Ekphrasis and Agency: Anthropology, Rhetorics and the Historiography of Art" - a work-in-progress; for papers contact Claire Farago • 12:30–2pm Mackey 202
Friday, Feb. 15: Shun Li and the Poet (Io sono Li ), a feature film by Andrea Segre, presented as part of the 2013 Boulder International Film Festival • 2:30pm, First United Methodist Church (Spruce St.)
Wednesday, Feb. 13: Closed Sea (Mare chiuso), an award-winning documentary by Stefano Liberti and Andrea Segre. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Stefano Liberti and Andrea Segra, co-directors of Closed Sea, Dr. Fred Denny of CU Boulder's Department of Religious Studies, Dr. Alex Cox of CU Boulder's Film Studies Department, and reception • 5pm, Humanities 250
Friday, Oct. 5: Steven Epstein  (Ahmanson-Murphy Distinguished Professor of Medieval History University of Kansas at Lawrence) "The Languages of Genoese Slavery" - a workshop and panel discussion featuring: Catherine Cameron (Anthropology, CU Boulder), Robert Ferry (History, CU Boulder), Noel Lenski (Classics, CU Boulder), and Teresa Toulouse (English , CU Boulder).Registration recommended (click on poster for details).
Friday, Oct. 26: Noel Lenski (Professor of Classics, CU Boulder) "A Tale of Two Colonates: The Legal Status of Tenants and Slaves in the Late Antique Eastern and Western Mediterranean" - a workshop/round table, featuring: Scott Bruce (History), Brian A. Catlos (Religious Studies), Peter Hunt (Classics), and Anne Lester (History). Registration recommended (click on poster for details)

Affiliated and Co-Sponsored Events

Saturday, April 13: "Cultural Translation in Medieval and Early Modern Studies" A Symposium organized by Center for Humanities and Arts Translation Initiative • 9am--5:30pm, Rose Room, McKenna Languages Building

• 9:00 a.m. ­ Coffee and Refreshments
• 9:30 a.m ­ John Slater (University of Colorado ­Boulder; Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese): Opening Remarks
• 10:00-11:00 a.m. ­ Michele Hamilton (University of Minnesota; Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese): "Translation, Conversion and Language in 15th-century Jewish and New Christian Letters"
• 11:00-12:00 p.m. ­ Carlos Eire (Yale University; Depts. of History and Religious Studies): "Translating Ecstasy: the Life of St. Teresa of Avila"
• 12:00-1:30 p.m. ­ Lunch Provided (Please RSVP to
• 1:30-2:30 p.m. ­ Diana De Armas Wilson (University of Denver; Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese): "The Translator¹s Translator: Revisiting Muslim Algiers"
• 2:45-3:45 p.m. ­ Barbara Fuchs (UCLA; Depts. of English, Spanish and Portuguese): "Forcible Translation"
• 3:45-4:45 p.m. ­ Round Table Discussion with the Speakers

Thursday, April 11: Roberta Morosini (Romance Languages, Wake Forest) "Goddesses and Penelopis traveling in the Medieval Mediterranean: Bodies (and words) in movement in the Decameron and De Mulieribus" Department of French and Italian • 5pm, Humanities 250
  Wednesday, March 6: Brian Catlos “Understanding Diverse Societies as Complex Systems: The Case of Muslim-Christian-Jewish Relations in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean”: Center for Humanities and the Arts • noon, Mackay 202.
  Monday, January 28: Brian Catlos, “Politics of Convenience: Ethno-Religious Tolerance and Intolerance in the Medieval Mediterranean” Center for Asian Studies • noon, Guggenheim 201E

Thursday, November 1: David Wacks (Associate Professor of Romance Languages, University of Oregon) Lecture: "Translation in Diaspora: Sephardic Spanish-Hebrew Translation in the Sixteenth

Friday, November 2: Seminar: "Translation in Diaspora" (click on poster for details and to request readings).

Wedneday-Saturday, September 26-29: "Mediterranean Cities. Myths and/or Reality?" Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland

A conference organized by the Istituto Studi Mediterranei and the Master in Intercultural Communication (Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano) in association with Università di Bergamo, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Centro Stefano Franscini.

Conference co-chairs:
Federica Frediani, Università della Svizzera italiana
Annick Tonti, Università della Svizzera italiana
Rossana Bonadei, Università di Bergamo
Michela Ardizzoni, University of Colorado at Boulder

Keynote speakers
Peregrine Horden, Royal Holloway, University of London
Rossana Bonadei, Università di Bergamo
Kenneth Brown, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris
Bertrand Westphal, Université de Limoges
Nabil Echchaibi, University of Colorado Boulder

Off-Campus Events & Other News

  6 June: Brian Catlos, "Conveniencia and Physics of Scale: Ethno-Religious Relations in Medieval Spain and the Mediterranean" Instituto de Historia CCHS-CSIC, Madrid
  29 May -June 3: Noel Lenski, "Slavery, Trade, and Cultural Exchange on Rome's Eastern Frontier" Worlds in Motion, Princeton University
  8-11 May: Noel Lenski, "Il significato dell'Editto di Milano" Convegno Internazionale di Studio nel XVII Centenario dell'Editto di Milano, Università Cattolica, Milan
  2–4 May: “Mediterranean and Maritime Perspectives” UCMRP Spring Workshop & Symposium, University of California Santa Cruz
  28 February-March 1: Brian Catlos, “”According to Right and Reason...” the Conundrum of Religious Diversity and Secular Law in the Medieval Mediterranean,” and Robert Pasnau "Divisions of Epistemic Labor: Some Remarks on the History of Fideism and Esotericism", Goode Family Lecture "Medieval Thought in the Mediterranean," University of Wyoming, Laramie WY
  31 January–2 February: “Gendering the Mediterranean” UCMRP Winter Workshop, in conjunction with the UCLA CMRS Ahmanson Conference,"Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean" University of California at Los Angeles
  4 January: “Stories of the Mediterranean in the Long Middle Ages I: Lives” & “Stories of the Mediterranean in the Long Middle Ages II: Places”, 127th American Historical Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Sessions co-organized by Brian Catlos and Andrew Devereux (Loyola Marymount); Session sponsors: The Mediterranean Seminar and The Medieval Academy of America
  9 November: “Excavating the Past” UCMRP Fall Workshop, University of California at Santa Barbara
  17 October: Brian Catlos, “Exceptional Iberia or Normative Mediterranean? Contexts of Ethno-religious Relations in the Middle Ages," College of Arts and Sciences, Ohio State University.
  6–9 September: “Domino Effects and Hybridization of the Mediterranean,” 4th International Conference of Mediterranean Worlds, (Istanbul, Turkey), Brian Catlos, Organization Committee Member
  July 4--28: NEH Summer Institute “Networks and Knowledge in the Medieval Muslim-Christian-Jewish Mediterranean” (Barcelona), Co-Directed by Brian Catlos and Sharon Kinoshita (Literature, UCSC)


Sept. 21: Giovanni Cecconi (U Florence)  "Old and New Paganisms in the Late Antique West: An Interpretive Model" HUMN 135, 5pm. (co-ordinated by Noel Lenski)
Sept. 29: Peter Brown (Princeton U) "Alms and the "Holy Poor": Wealth and Labor in Early Christian Asceticism between Syria and Egypt" British Studies Room, Norlin Library, 7pm (co-oridnated by Noel Lenski)
Oct. 25: Valerio Ferme (CU Boulder) (co-ordinated by Michela Ardizzoni) Discussion of Franco Cassano's "Southern Thoughts and Other Essays on the Mediterranean" (Edited and translated by N. Bouchard and V. Ferme) Macky 202, 3-5pm (co-ordinated by Michela Ardizzoni)

Gerard Wiegers, Religious Studies (University of Amsterdam)
• Nov. 15: “Religious Identity in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean” A Seminar: Macky 202, 3pm (co-ordinated by Brian Catlos)
• Nov. 15: "Crypto-Religion in the Mediterranean: The Life and Times of Samuel Pallache" A Public Lecutre: British Studies Room (Norlin Library) 7pm (co-ordinated by Brian Catlos; co-hosted by Jewish Studies)
• Nov. 17: "The Granadan Translator Miguel de Luna, the Lead Books and the Quijote" A Lecture & Discussion: Spanish & Portuguese, McKenna 103 10am (co-ordinated by Brian Catlos)

• Jan. 31 Reading Group Meeting “Trade and Identity in the Medieval Mediterranean,” time and location TBA (co-ordinated by Celine Dauverd)

• Apr. 6   Mediterranean Seminar/UCMRP Spring Workshop, (co-ordinated by Brian Catlos & Sharon Kinoshita): Papers by Eric Dursteler, Neil Doshi, and Jeffrey Miner. Featured scholar: Peregrine Horden (please pre-register)
• Apr. 7   Round Table: "Can We Talk Mediterranean?"A Round Table feat. Brian Catlos, Cecily Hillsdale, Peregine Horden & Sharon Kinoshita, moderated by Claire Farago; together with a panel "Mediterranean Studies at CU Boulder." featuring Noel Lenski, Céline Dauverd, and Claire Farago. Followed by a reception at the CU Art Museum


CU Boulder Sponsors
The CU Boulder Mediterranean Studies Group is grateful for the support of the following departments, programs and centers:

Our 2011-12 program was funded by an Innovative Seed Grant from the Offices of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Local administrative support is generously provided by the Religious Studies Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.