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Food and Art Activism

Fallen Fruit, L.A. group that started with a "Public Fruit" project mapping all the fruit on or overhanging public spaces

Gleaning and Related Programs

Ag Against Hunger, gleaning organized by growers in the Salinas Valley, California

Senior Gleaners (Sacramento, California)

Hidden Harvest (Coachella, CA), paying experienced, low income field workers to glean

Harvest Against Hunger, a gleaning project of Rotary First Harvest in Washington State

Portland Fruit Tree Project, an urban fruit gleaning project in Portland, Oregon

Society of St. Andrews Gleaning Network

Gleanings for the Hungry (a Youth With A Mission project)

MySpace video of Gleanings for the Hungry

YouTube "official" video introducing Gleanings for the Hungry

USDA's "A Citizen's Guide to Food Recovery"

Report on the 1996 AmeriCorps Summer of Gleaning

Arizona Statewide Gleaning Project

Boston Area Gleaners

ComLinks Cooperative Gleaning (New York State)

Iskashitaa Refugee Network gleans backyards and fields in Tucson with refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

World Hunger Year

Kids Can Make A Difference

Building The Bridge: Linking Food Banking and Community Food Security [PDF 390KB]: highlights programs in many communities

Legal Protection for Gleaners

Good Samaritan Laws by State

USDA Gleaning Crops Factsheet [PDF 30KB]

Text of federal Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act (from USDA)

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