Professor, History

History Department, Cowell College, UCSC
Office: 242 Cowell
Phone: O: 459-2727


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I was born in Mississippi in 1956 and raised in and around Los Angeles. I took my undergraduate degree from Pitzer College. After attending graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania and studying at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, I taught for 5 years at SUNY Buffalo. I moved in 1990 to the University of California at Santa Cruz. Most of my family now lives in Missouri. Myfather is also an academic and taught in the Department of Religious Studies at Missouri State University, in Springfield Mo. My mother is a lawyer. I have two sisters, Cindi and Kay. Cindi lives in Kansas City with her husband and three children; Kay lives close by.

My wife, Jenny Lynn, teaches Greek and Latin at the Hotchkiss School in northwest Connecticut; our daughters, Meg, Ella and Mary, attend school in neighboring Lakeville. We all spend our summers in the Adirondacks, where we are currently trying to climb all 46 of the high peaks, frequently participating in ATIS-sponsored hikes. My son Chaz, who now attends Santa Barbara High School, sometimes joins us there. You can find us there (if you can find us there) in the Domus Lutea.

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UC Santa Cruz - Charles Hedrick - 15 January 1998

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